Sydney, Australia

We have done and seen so much this past year that I had to sit down and put something together. It is definitely just a quick in and out of the adventures we have had and oh boy Australia can offer such beautiful spectacles. Connecting with nature has brought a sense of peace that couldn’t be described only by words so here is an invitation to press play and witness the things you find when holding your breath. Happy views everyone and all the best for this year ahead, 20 20 here we come! yay!.

Mijas, Spain

Wow where to start… Mijas is located on the South-Eastern coast of Spain, I have created a description that goes with the video so there is no need to explain much about the history of it but I guess that mentioning that is one of the calmest town I have seen could give you a wide idea of what one feels when walking through its streets. One day I will come back and I know I will enjoy filming it all again.

Bergen, Norway

When I think of Norway I always catch myself feeling a little bit chilly and rembering the bright red colours around the town. Bergen is such a beautiful and calm city that makes you wish you could stay just a little bit longer and enjoy one more enchanting corner, one more walk and of course one more picture.
I hope you enjoy the views as much as I did, thank you for stopping by! 🙂

Akureyri, Iceland

For those of you who are planning to visit Iceland, Akureyri being the second largest city is the place to see. When I comment on my videos I used to say that some places are very unique in their own form but I have to admit that Akureyri is one of a kind. At the beginning of the trip you get to see beautiful waterfalls surrounded by 3 distinctive colors, these being red, green and yellow they make you feel like you are in a French movie. The next stop, lake Myvatn, offers small pseudo craters formed more than 2300 years ago after a large volcanic eruption. Seeing the people walking through the small paths in between the craters reminded me of the old Kurosawa films in which the scenery is so beautiful that the actors had to cross the frame in each scene to make it perfect. Then, when you think you have seen everything the next stop will make you feel like you are walking on another planet. In Dimmuborgir you will see a formation of striking rocks formed after a lake of lava flooded the area. I would recommend you to stay closer to your group if you are part of a tour because if you get lost this place can become a labyrinth (as happened to me…) And finally, just to make the trip surreal you will end up in Namaskard, an area surrounded by a series of hot pools and steam vents. The familiar feeling of being on another world may arise again when you combine the scenery with the pungent sulfur smell. Akureyri is an amazing city and I hope the video does justice to its uniqueness. Thank you for stopping by! 🙂

Copenhagen, Denmark

3 years ago I visited Denmark for the first time and I think it was a good decision to start my tour in Copenhagen. First I walked through this old town just at the side of the pier. I learned a lot about its history by reading the statue’s descriptions (and let me tell you something, Copenhagen is full of statues!). The town was really quiet, it seemed the swans and ducks owned the place and I couldn’t see many people there until I reached a road that lead me to downtown, here the scenery changed dramatically, houses on the banks of canals, bicycles, people, markets, playgrounds and food everywhere!
Although loads of things were happening it didn’t feel busy for me, the people were calm and nice and it felt like they didn’t have any urge to get anywhere. I loved it, the weather again was really cold but that didn’t stop me for going inside a cosy bar and get a pint of the local beer, best way to enjoy a deserved brake after a long walk 🙂

Lerwick, Shetland Islands

Lerwick is the capital and main port of the Shetland Islands, if you didn’t know this it is OK, I have to confess that just after the historical tour I realized how little I knew about this part of the world. When you walk trough the streets it’s almost impossible not to feel that you are walking back in time. The main buildings were built in between 1600 and 1800 and the place is xx in history.
It was almost like I had discovered the place I wanted to live after my retirement!… it was so beautiful, calm and picturesque I didn’t want to leave. Enjoy.

Tórshavn, Faroe Islands

Again this is one of those places that make you feel you haven’t seen anything. As soon we arrived we board a bus so we could get to the other side of the island to visit the small village of Sandavagur. I couldn’t resist filming the houses, they were so picturesque with their turf roof tops and their colors were so vivid that I wished I had a 35mm film so the picture could reflect what my eyes were seeing.
It was obviously a very cold day and the wind was freezing, we stopped at an artisan house in Leynar, as soon as we got in we could smell dry wood, it was really cozy and I can give testimony that those turf roof tops provides an amazing insulation.
My favorite scene is the cats on the window, this house had 8 cats in it. One by one the cats came curious to see what I was doing, I kept filming until I have all of them in the shot. I decided to leave just the first two in the video as I like the way they are looking at me comparing the chaotic 8 cats on the shot jumping on top of each others heads.
It’s a beautiful place to see, make sure you bring a good quality jacket and gloves!! 🙂

Cannes, France

I have been many times in Cannes and every time I walk the same paths. First, I walk up the hill to have a view from the top and then I used to walk back through these narrow streets as there is always something happening on them, every where I looked could have been a great picture. Imagine this, 35 degrees, a nice cold breeze and stylish people laughing in a cafe, then the restaurants appears with seafood smells filling the streets, suddenly we are again in the beach where painters are working on their canvas beautifully.
Here we can stop for the best ice cream you will ever have and suddenly in front of you the famous sea front avenue “La Croisette”!! This wall evokes numerous films such as “To Catch a Thief” by Alfred Hitchcock with Grace Kelly and Cary Grant, whose action takes place at the Carlton hotel that I have already past 10 minutes ago.
This video is dedicated to all my friends that dreamt (with me) to one day be able to walk around this marvellous place. 🙂

La Rochelle, France

I remember this day being really nice, the weather was just perfect, the people really friendly and the food incredibly tasty. I remember walking trough these streets wondering if the locals could still admire the beauty of the architecture around them or if they could still appreciate living surrounded by so much history!
Every corner we turned, another amazing building appeared in front of us filling the space with its own magnificence. I thought nothing could be more beautiful than the Saint Pierre Cathedral but soon after I was facing the most amazing building I have ever seen, La Roche Courbon Castle or Chateau as they call it. It was a breathtaking experience, beautifully made the outside was as incredible as the inside, again history just blowing everywhere, the paintings, the tables, the decoration, the chandeliers!!
Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to film inside but luckily for me I understood this restriction after I took few shots of the first room we visited, then the tour guide approached to me to repeat that NO FILMING WAS ALLOWED and she made sure that this time the instruction sounds clear. I had to turn my camera off but I didn’t care, as soon as I stepped outside this beautiful garden presented itself as a vivid reflection of the seventeenth century, everything was so perfectly taken care off that it was scary to walk around thinking whatever we did could disturb that perfection, it was peaceful, full of wildlife and the colors were just surreal. This is another “Must See” place, I heard that lately they are offering the chateau as a venue for weddings! just in case you want to get married as the princesses did on those fairy tales 🙂


Back in 2010 I was fortunate enough to be in charge of producing a destination video for Iceland. Reykjavik was one of them and it remains some of the most memorable scenes I have ever shot. By saying this, I think it would be good to mention that I have been lucky enough to travel to and filmed in 41 countries and 190 cities and although each place has its own magic, Iceland provides such a wide range of scenery and its landscape is so dramatic that I consider this destination a “Must See”.
At the time I was still filming on mini DV tapes, in often extreme conditions, it was so cold that my hands could barely press the “record” button. I also remember the wind being really strong, the entire day I had to push the camera either to the left or right with my arm so I could counteract the power of the wind. The geysers were really interesting too, they have a time frame of 8-10 minutes in between each eruption so I had to make some calculations to get the shot.
Obviously you can’t time nature and soon enough I understood that the “time frame” was just an estimate for tourists. If you ever go there I would strongly recommend to place your camera as far away as you can so you have the full height of the eruption in the frame, then listen and watch, that’s the best tool to “anticipate” this amazing spectacle of nature.
Then, once at the waterfalls it was a different story, as soon as I opened the lens, water from everywhere landed on it so I had to create this system of wiping-recording-cut-wipe again in order to get what you see here. If I left the shots a second longer on the edit you would have seen water covering the lens and my wipe cloth soaking up the water. Although it wasn’t easy I am glad I had the opportunity to be there and I would go back any time just to see it all over again.

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